Month: May 2021

Everything wrong with: Wikidot.modules.PageRateWidgetModule.callbacks.rate

Hello, I’m Monkatraz and I am a frontend-focused developer working on Wikijump. As you may know, Wikijump is a fork of Wikidot. This isn’t really by choice – Wikijump’s existence was forced by the aging and effectively unmaintained state of Wikidot. It’s in the name, we’re “jumping” to Wikijump to escape Wikidot. Truly, we did not know the nature of what we’re now trying to escape, or we’d have done this sooner. In the process of learning how Wikidot works, we have found terrible things. Wikidot wasn’t made well. In this article, I want to talk about just one function…

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A Brief History of Wikitext

Hey, I’m aismallard, and I’m an SCP Wiki administrator and Co-Captain of its Technical Team. I’d like to talk a bit about FTML, the parser and render library that bluesoul mentioned in The Story So Far. I originally created the initial ftml repository on February 6th, 2019 (prior to becoming Junior Staff). I had been editing a draft of mine, and frustrations with Wikidot’s poor editor experience made me wish there was an independent tool for live preview of my work. I decided to start work on an independent library for parsing and rendering wikitext, which I named after the…

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