Wikijump Updates: 8/1-8/8

Hello folks, thought I’d pop in and give another set of updates. This past week, most of the work was done on the PHP side of things, implementing the concept of Interactions with three use cases: A user following another user (to receive page updates and creations), a user adding another user to their friends/contact list, and a user blocking a user. The first one, the follow system, represents a new feature that we’ll be providing. All total, there were about 2,500 lines of new code in the last week, while removing about 1,000 lines of old code. Much of the disparity between the two is represented through code testing, a concept that appears to be completely alien to our predecessors.

And so we’re getting ever closer to closing out WJ-444, the largest task so far in development work as far as writing new code and replacing old code. All that remains there is private messaging, which has some preliminary work done. When that’s completed, everything directly related to users will be running under new Wikijump code under the hood, simply waiting to be linked to an API and frontend.

Once that’s complete, there are few different things that could be focused on next. There’s some infrastructure work to do, to make use of a new logging and monitoring platform. But I think I will take the opportunity to pivot over to the related work of moving user logins and registration into the new codebase, as the current registration flow is broken and we’re aware of it. After that I’ll do the infrastructure changes and then I think we probably look at the API. That will also get us closer to needing a permission system, which will be a rewrite from the ground up.

Author: bluesoul
I'm an AWS Certified Professional Solutions Architect and hobbyist PHP developer. I'm currently the project lead for Wikijump.

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