Wikijump Updates – September 2021

Hello all, sorry for the delay since our last update. As a result, this post is going to be a summary of our last month and some change, rather than what happened in the last week.

It’s been pretty busy, with 78 merged pull requests for a total of 877 commits across ~50,000 changed lines in 1,872 files. We’ve closed out several issues, including some rather longstanding ones.

In FTML, we’ve implemented includes as two separate concepts, one “messy” (compatible with Wikidot’s notion of direct pasting, but uses a special handler due to incompatibility), and one “elements” (which uses the regular block parser but cannot be used for syntax hacks). This is one of a handful of remaining items we need to implement to reach parity with Wikidot: in the month we’ve added [[tabview]], [[date]], [[math]], and definition lists.

Along this line, there were several changes to the WebAssembly version of FTML used by our new editor, Sheaf, and Monkatraz has begun working implementing web components for the HTML emitted by FTML to make them interactive. This work included [[footnote]], [[user]], [[tabview]], [[code]], and bibliographies.

Screenshot of tabs rendered via ftml. See the pull request for a video demo.

We also saw some changes to how Wikijump handles URL normalization (that process where visiting a URL will lowercase its contents and strip out other characters), such as redirecting properly and explicitly supporting international letters using the same process. This should be a benefit to various international branches, as CJK characters are now be usable in page URLs.

Work on getting FTML to parity with Wikidot is proceeding well, and should be complete for both parsing and interactivity within a month or so. After, there will be some follow-up changes (such as the addition of parser settings), and then the main remaining work will be finishing the integration with Wikijump’s PHP proper. Once the parsing and rendering situation is settled enough for the minimum viable product, we can set aside work on FTML and focus on frontend integration and assist bluesoul with the table refactoring effort.

We’ll see you next time.

Author: aismallard

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