Wikijump Updates – 10/1-10/8

It’s been another busy week over here in Wikijump! We’ve merged 18 pull requests from 4 people, and added 217 commits over 1,171 files. Most of the work we’ve seen has fallen into one of two categories, Docker and PHP. So let’s start with our build process:

We use Docker to build Wikijump. Local deployments use docker-compose to stand up all the component containers (currently php-fpm, nginx, postgres, memcached) and permit it to run locally. Several big changes were made to our build process, primarily a refactored php-fpm Docker build to be significantly sped up by taking better advantage of Docker’s caching, and Monkatraz integrating Vite into the build process for our frontend code.

On the other hand, we had quite a bit of legacy code pruning. The WJ-707 epic tracks all existing Ozone classes, which we eventually need to remove or replace. A few unused or deprecated tables were removed by aismallard, such as the “site super settings” table. Along this line, Yossi has been working on refactoring the tag system, which has been an involved project, ending in being able to remove the PageTag class.

This week, a number of issues were created, but a greater number were resolved with the merging of several notable pull requests.

In terms of overall progress, we are steadily approaching a new proper frontend for Wikijump, which will soon require other work such as beginning our API. ftml did not experience any change, but it still only has a handful of remaining items before it has parity with Wikidot, and we’re chipping away at several legacy structures. Several of our large components are coming into place, and soon we will be entering a period where we can begin hooking them together.

As always, see you next week.

Author: aismallard

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