Wikijump Updates – 10/17 – 10/23

It’s been another week, and here’s another weekly update. We’ve had 230 commits in 29 merged pull requests across 200 files, for a total of 6,036 line additions and 2,406 deletions. More work has gone into our new frontend, along with incremental improvement to our PHP codebase in anticipation.

This week, we got several big steps in our frontend, such as getting login and registration views, support for toasts, and infrastructure for gestures on touchscreen platforms. As this is the point where we’re gluing things together, we’ve needed re-evaluate and fix up parts of our stack, which has been challenging and exciting.

Part of this has involved our localizations system, which was recently plugged into the PHP codebase. Now our /locales directory is hooked up to both the frontend and backend, allowing us to remove existing stubs in the PHP.

Despite not getting a lot of attention this week, ftml got two notable changes. Firstly, Rust edition 2021 was announced as part of update 1.56.0, so the crate’s Cargo manifest was updated accordingly. Second, I investigated a longstanding bug where xdebug, a PHP debug tool, would crash whenever ftml calls were made in PHP’s FFI. It turned out to not be a bug, but something that was fixable, which I did in PR #575.

Yossi handed over work on the tag refactor, but before that added the ds (data structures) extension for PHP. This gives us access to a proper set type, as well as a real vector type which lacks the unusual behaviors of PHP’s arrays.

The second big table refactor has begun! Previously bluesoul discussed the long process of breaking apart and remaking the users table, and now I have started drafting and working with the pages table. It’ll likewise take a while, due to how widespread pages are throughout the codebase. You can see this work in WJ-920.

That’s all for now, as always, see you next week.

Author: aismallard

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