Author: bluesoul

I'm an AWS Certified Professional Solutions Architect and hobbyist PHP developer. I'm currently the project lead for Wikijump.

Wikijump Updates – 8/16-8/23

Hello again, the last week was a pretty solid one, with over 28,000 changed lines of code, although that number is inflated through the removal of some very large unused files. On the FTML side, several new changes and features were added to continue bringing the software closer to feature parity with the reference parsing and rendering. The details get into the weeds a bit, but things like rules that require being on their own line have been adjusted to work more cleanly, making future development easier. On the PHP side, the work that I mentioned last week for user…

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Wikijump Updates, 8/8-8/15

Hello everyone, this past week has been very, very busy and a lot of important things were accomplished, with over 10,000 new lines of code merged to our dev build this past week alone. First off, the FTML parser that will replace the Text_Wiki package we’re currently using for converting wiki syntax into colors, links, modules, The ListPages Thing, and everything else that folks come up with, has officially reached 1.0 status. This is a very big deal; while that doesn’t mean that it’s ready right now as a drop-in replacement, it does mean that everything we want it to…

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Wikijump Updates: 8/1-8/8

Hello folks, thought I’d pop in and give another set of updates. This past week, most of the work was done on the PHP side of things, implementing the concept of Interactions with three use cases: A user following another user (to receive page updates and creations), a user adding another user to their friends/contact list, and a user blocking a user. The first one, the follow system, represents a new feature that we’ll be providing. All total, there were about 2,500 lines of new code in the last week, while removing about 1,000 lines of old code. Much of…

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Wikijump Updates for July

Hey folks, thought it would be worthwhile to give an update or two on what’s gone on lately. The past month has seen us start to ramp back up on Wikijump development, adding over 5,000 new lines of code. Quite a lot of this has been work done on FTML, the new parsing and rendering engine to replace Wikidot’s way of handling things, and that piece is rapidly approaching 1.0 status. Simply put, this is the business of taking wiki markup like asterisks around a word and turning it into actual bold text. Of course, there’s a lot more than…

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The Story So Far

I thought it would be worthwhile to provide a more-or-less complete history of the Wikijump project up to this point in time. While I’d been playing with the gabrys Wikidot release for years prior, this project began in earnest just a bit over a year ago. I stumbled upon a long-abandoned site by the Wikidot team that, at some point, offered a virtual appliance to spin up a self-contained Wikidot install in a box. Thankfully, there was still someone around that possessed a copy, and they were willing to send it to me. The good news was that it did…

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Welcome to the Blog

Hello everyone, I go by bluesoul and I’m currently the project lead for Wikijump, an effort to create a new open-source derivative of the Wikidot collaborative web platform. This site will serve as a place to provide status updates, technical writeups and findings, and anything else we think is worth sharing. Coming soon will be a post laying out the story so far, what we’ve done and what we still have to go. In the future we will be providing more regular status updates.

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