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Leadership Change

This was also mentioned in chat, but this post is to inform the community that as of October 25, 2023, I (aismallard) am now the official Project Lead for Wikijump, after a discussion with bluesoul. Apologies for the belated notification. This should not affect anything day-to-day within the project, and is simply intended to reflect the current reality of development. I highly appreciate bluesoul’s past and ongoing support of the project, particularly his expertise with AWS and his past work rigging up the ancient Wikidot code which sparked this project to start. His influence and assistance has been and continues…

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Welcome to the Blog

Hello everyone, I go by bluesoul and I’m currently the project lead for Wikijump, an effort to create a new open-source derivative of the Wikidot collaborative web platform. This site will serve as a place to provide status updates, technical writeups and findings, and anything else we think is worth sharing. Coming soon will be a post laying out the story so far, what we’ve done and what we still have to go. In the future we will be providing more regular status updates.

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