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Wikijump Updates – September 2021

Hello all, sorry for the delay since our last update. As a result, this post is going to be a summary of our last month and some change, rather than what happened in the last week. It’s been pretty busy, with 78 merged pull requests for a total of 877 commits across ~50,000 changed lines in 1,872 files. We’ve closed out several issues, including some rather longstanding ones. In FTML, we’ve implemented includes as two separate concepts, one “messy” (compatible with Wikidot’s notion of direct pasting, but uses a special handler due to incompatibility), and one “elements” (which uses the…

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A Brief History of Wikitext

Hey, I’m aismallard, and I’m an SCP Wiki administrator and Co-Captain of its Technical Team. I’d like to talk a bit about FTML, the parser and render library that bluesoul mentioned in The Story So Far. I originally created the initial ftml repository on February 6th, 2019 (prior to becoming Junior Staff). I had been editing a draft of mine, and frustrations with Wikidot’s poor editor experience made me wish there was an independent tool for live preview of my work. I decided to start work on an independent library for parsing and rendering wikitext, which I named after the…

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The Story So Far

I thought it would be worthwhile to provide a more-or-less complete history of the Wikijump project up to this point in time. While I’d been playing with the gabrys Wikidot release for years prior, this project began in earnest just a bit over a year ago. I stumbled upon a long-abandoned site by the Wikidot team that, at some point, offered a virtual appliance to spin up a self-contained Wikidot install in a box. Thankfully, there was still someone around that possessed a copy, and they were willing to send it to me. The good news was that it did…

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