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Wikijump Updates – 10/17 – 10/23

It’s been another week, and here’s another weekly update. We’ve had 230 commits in 29 merged pull requests across 200 files, for a total of 6,036 line additions and 2,406 deletions. More work has gone into our new frontend, along with incremental improvement to our PHP codebase in anticipation. This week, we got several big steps in our frontend, such as getting login and registration views, support for toasts, and infrastructure for gestures on touchscreen platforms. As this is the point where we’re gluing things together, we’ve needed re-evaluate and fix up parts of our stack, which has been challenging…

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Wikijump Updates – 10/9-10/16

This last week has been productive. We’ve seen some steady progress on the PHP backend, and massive strides in our move towards a new frontend. In the last week we’ve pushed 298 commits across 380 files, for a total of 5,802 additions and 5,849 deletions in 29 different merged pull requests. On the PHP end, things have been incremental but not groundshaking. In addition to some refactoring and legacy code pruning, the diff functionality was updated to be more readable. Compare: Instead of Wikidot’s unusual word-based difference view, the original lines added/removed are shown. Additionally, it uses the context information…

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The Story So Far

I thought it would be worthwhile to provide a more-or-less complete history of the Wikijump project up to this point in time. While I’d been playing with the gabrys Wikidot release for years prior, this project began in earnest just a bit over a year ago. I stumbled upon a long-abandoned site by the Wikidot team that, at some point, offered a virtual appliance to spin up a self-contained Wikidot install in a box. Thankfully, there was still someone around that possessed a copy, and they were willing to send it to me. The good news was that it did…

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