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Wikijump Updates – 8/16-8/23

Hello again, the last week was a pretty solid one, with over 28,000 changed lines of code, although that number is inflated through the removal of some very large unused files. On the FTML side, several new changes and features were added to continue bringing the software closer to feature parity with the reference parsing and rendering. The details get into the weeds a bit, but things like rules that require being on their own line have been adjusted to work more cleanly, making future development easier. On the PHP side, the work that I mentioned last week for user…

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The Story So Far

I thought it would be worthwhile to provide a more-or-less complete history of the Wikijump project up to this point in time. While I’d been playing with the gabrys Wikidot release for years prior, this project began in earnest just a bit over a year ago. I stumbled upon a long-abandoned site by the Wikidot team that, at some point, offered a virtual appliance to spin up a self-contained Wikidot install in a box. Thankfully, there was still someone around that possessed a copy, and they were willing to send it to me. The good news was that it did…

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